During chapel at PCA, we focus on three main areas:


1. The word of God

2. Prayer

3. Praise and Worship



    The students are taught biblical truths in an age appropriate manner. The lessons are fun, vivid, and exciting. Most of the time, our bible teachers allow the students to participate in the lessons. Our student also memorize scripture and learn PCA’s bible catechisms.



    We have prayer circles for chapel time, this is a time in which the students can pray for their family, friends, and whatever else is on their hearts.


Praise and Worship

     All throughout the school year each class learns a variety of hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs.  With these songs, the students are given the opportunity to lead worship during chapel time.

Chapel September 4th - Minister Phil Romar {Click to view video}

Philadelphia Christian Academy



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Our Mission


The Mission of Philadelphia Christian Academy is to expand the Kingdom of God by raising up Godly seed and teaching educational excellence through a biblical world view that will transform our world for generations to come.

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